About us

I am Vandana, one of the independent escorts present in the city. I am 22 years old and I am 5 feet 6 inches tall without having a heel on my feet. I have a very charming face with a very nice face cut on it. I have a killer smile as well which is always appreciated by my partners. My juicy lips are very tasty and always ready to be kissed and smooched by you. I have a long and black silky hair with a nice curl on the bottom half. I have a very fair color and complexion which is evenly present on my body whether it is for the covered part as well as for the uncovered part as well. I have a beautiful par of mesmerizing eyes with an eyebrows best suited on it. My nice round perky 34C breasts are perfectly placed on my body and my whole figure mathematically reads like 34C-28-36. I have maintained my body through regular gaming and by doing yoga exercises on the regular basis. I am completely shaved and have a very smooth and sensitive skin which is the most common demand of the coming generation.

I wished you may get what you want if you are choosing me and do not get upset at the time of meeting me. I fully ensure you from my side that all my saying in the above paragraphs is very true and best of knowledge. If you are still having a doubt on me then you may try my shorter bookings first and then try for the best one.

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